Getting up Close and Personal without Being Creepy

Posted on: March 13th, 2015 by: Jessica Spooner

Personalize emails for better engagement

Although you can’t look a customer in the eye and give a firm handshake over email, the principals of this sort of “digital sales call” remain the same. Despite a vastly different execution, the goal is still to effectively make a connection with your audience. If you don’t, your message will ultimately be lost on them.

Email Marketing – How to Stand Out in a Crowd

We all get them wherever we go. Some of them we remember signing up for, many of them we don’t. Emails follow us everywhere we go. As a marketer, how do you separate from the clutter? By creating dynamic, personalized messaging that’s driven by supporting data, that’s how.

Important information to look for when personalizing emails for your client base:

  1. Timely information – What’s the weather like? Is there a holiday coming up? Is it a Friday, and you’ve got tips for something to do over the weekend? You get the picture. Providing a compelling piece of relevant information to get them to open and read the email will invoke a level of personal interest or common ground, piquing their interest.
  1. Basic personal facts – What’s the decision maker’s persona? Does she have a specific hobby, other interests or a sports team she roots for? Reference something that might strike a chord with the customer while providing helpful information about products and services at the same time. It’s all about balance.
  1. Level of interest/relationship – How frequently do they make a purchase? How much do they spend? How long have they been a customer? What’s the overall depth of your relationship with them? For a longtime customer, you can provide more in-depth product and service information that they might find truly interesting. And, for a first-time customer, you should keep the message high-level, thank them for trying out your business and give them an incentive to do it again.

Walk the fine line determined by your data

A number of marketing studies indicate that personalized emails will get a roughly 25%-30% higher open rate and a 40% higher click-through rate than those that aren’t. Still, how often should you send emails without being overbearing, and how personal can you get before creeping out your client?

There’s still a fine line to pay attention to when implementing direct digital marketing campaigns, so pay careful attention to capturing and reporting accurate data. From there, just follow what it says – it won’t lie.

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