It’s Good to Be King

Posted on: January 23rd, 2015 by: Vince Halaska

Creating and publishing relevant online content to enhance Google search results.

Almost 20 years ago, Bill Gates prophetically remarked on the importance of content on the Internet, coining the phrase, “content is king.” Slightly less prophetic, but nonetheless true, is the Tom Petty song about the universally accepted concept – “It’s Good to Be King.”

Today, when viewing the overall importance of content marketing to any organic online strategy, it’s evident that both statements are entirely accurate. Businesses that effectively identify and speak clearly to their target audience are able to reap invaluable benefits that come from having strong online content. It's Good to be the King Blog Image

The Google Way

With that said, what is “good content,” or, more importantly, what does Google consider it to be? Fortunately, these are becoming one in the same thing, as Google’s hundreds of annual algorithmic “Search” updates now make it possible to more precisely define what information its users are looking for – good, rich content.

What Can You Do About It?

Google’s robots “crawl” throughout its enormous “index” of web pages when performing each search, looking at over 200 unique elements when providing results. Being aware of them will help to effectively develop online content for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

Here are a few of the key criteria:

  • location/proximity of the user performing the search
  • depth of knowledge in the content (are there complementary photos, videos, etc.?)
  • keyword and key term usage
  • overall popularity of the page – how often is it indexed?
  • page rank (based on outside links pointing to it)
  • freshness, frequency of updates
  • and many others

Providing a researched, segmented audience with relevant content, based on these factors, will go a long way in giving online marketing content an SEO boost.

And here’s one more cliché to describe content marketing – “slow and steady wins the race.” Good, rich, properly-targeted, relevant content will always prevail, so be patient and good luck!

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