Top 10 Ways to Rev up Your Search Engine Ranking in 2015

Posted on: February 4th, 2015 by: Vince Halaska

Crank up your SEO with the right online content.

Google is increasingly rewarding quality, valuable content with better search results. Once you clearly identify the specific market and space you want to live and thrive in, it’s important to make sure your content is developed accordingly. And when it comes to increasing your search rankings, here are 10 things to consider to boost your SEO:Blazing_Angel_Jet_Dragster by GT diesel

  1. Pick a good, timely, relevant, “popular” subject – The best topics are those based on providing answers to questions that people are frequently searching for but not getting enough of the right information in response to them. Providing unique, helpful content in response to a popular question is the quickest way to generate good SEO. (Tip: search for good topics by seeing what populates when using Google Instant).
  2. Provide great content – Take a subject and become an expert. Provide depth when explaining the concept and provide useful information for the reader/viewer in a natural, well-written way.
  3. Pay attention to keywords and phrases – Within a single web page, focus on a specific key phrase that someone would use to search for your products or services. Be sure to incorporate as many relevant keywords into the copy without “stuffing” them into it unnaturally.
  4. Include quality links – Links to other pertinent web pages will make for richer content, but including too many of them can be considered “spammy.” Just like content and keywords, the links need to stay relevant within the context of the web page.
  5. Choose descriptive and relevant URLs, alt tags for images and meta descriptions – Google will crawl its index for these, as well. Providing more quality info in these descriptions will enhance their ability to be found.
  6. Design your page well – Pages that have a better design and are easier to use will be more easily and readily indexed.
  7. Social networking – Maintaining a presence and user engagement across social media platforms provides SEO value.
  8. Increase traffic to your website with blogs or other related articles – Blogs, landing pages, YouTube pages and microsites that link to your website are other great places to engage with readers and viewers and get them to view your content.
  9. Add videos, images, etc. – Visual imagery is also content, and often viewers may choose to look at an infographic or view a video in lieu of reading an entire blog. This means they may generate strong SEO value on their very own.
  10. Be patient – Showing up in the top-10 search results for a specific subject takes time. As more and more people visit your page, your ranking will improve slowly and steadily. It won’t happen overnight, but if you stay the course and continue to generate compelling content, it will happen and be worth its weight in gold … or bitcoin.

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