Using Your Brand to Align Your Workforce

Posted on: February 16th, 2015 by: Mary Scheibel

Use your current marketing strategies to build and maintain a high performing culture.

As we prepare to speak this Tuesday to BMA Milwaukee on building cultural alignment through internal communications and branding, I’m struck by the importance of branding in your talent acquisition efforts. So often, companies look at what their brand can do to attract new customers, but fail to look at how these efforts can attract the next generation of skilled workers.

So, what’s in a brand? Ultimately, it’s telling a story that shares who you are and makes what you do matter. By telling a story that resonates with both potential customers and recruits, you’ll find the competitive advantage you need in a crowded marketplace. No matter what industry your company is in, job seekers have plenty of choices—so what influences their decision? Let’s start with three simple steps that will help you align your company’s brand to support a powerful internal culture.connected

  1. Take a holistic approach. There is no such thing as strictly internal communication. In the age of social media, your internal message can be taken to the market within seconds. Understand that what you do externally influences your internal conversations, and vice versa, and know that your story must speak to customers, recruits and current employees.
  2. Make your brand matter. We all know how important marketing is to attracting new customers, but now’s the time to focus on how the message you’re taking externally influences potential employees. Take the time to create a compelling story about your company’s future and market it, or potential employees will take their skills elsewhere.
  3. Define your culture. At the end of the day, your culture will help or hurt you. You must create a clearly defined culture that both current employees and potential recruits want to be a part of. By doing so, you’ll have right fit employees that help you accomplish your biggest business goals. Define your culture, or your culture will define you.

Ultimately, we need to think and act differently when it comes to building our talent acquisition and retention processes. And by doing so, we can create cultural alignment with highly-skilled, high-quality employees. In the end, the winners will be the ones who can not only attract and retain employees, but also use those employees to attract and retain the customers they need to succeed.

Click here for more information on our BMA presentation. To learn how Trefoil Group can help build your brand, check out some of our latest work.


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