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Solving Business Problems through Marketing

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In an article series for Plastics Today, Mary Scheibel shared insights on how marketing can solve B2B business challenges. The result is a six-article series that leaders in any industry segment should find helpful.

How will you connect with the customers you need using a salesforce that reaches less than 50% of your targets? Do your customers really understand what makes your company more valuable? Will your organization have enough horsepower to keep outrunning the competition? Get some answers today.

The Marketing Key: Unlocking Answers

Business problems may keep you awake. So open your eyes to new answers through marketing communications. MORE

Are You Dismissing Digital Marketing?

Don’t be too quick to shrug off online channels – because the Web can be a powerful tool to expand the reach of your business. MORE

Storytelling for a Competitive Edge

Create a stronger connection with your customers. We share some examples of companies that are doing it well. MORE

M&A: Don’t Let a Good Deal Go Bad

It’s not about how good the deal looks on paper. It’s about how good it looks to the people who’ll make it or break it. MORE

What’s Your Talent Game Plan?

How will you attract the next generation – before they go to competitors? Learn five ways to build a recruiting advantage. MORE

Thought Leadership: Becoming a Trusted Resource

Discover an approach that can raise awareness of your company while also strengthening business relationships old and new. MORE