Are You Dismissing Digital Marketing?

Posted on: January 14th, 2015 by: trefoil

Why Rethinking the Decision Is Critical to Your Success

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Today, like in the past, reaching the right people with the right message is paramount to success. Whether we’re looking to establish a dialogue with an OEM engineer or a Tier-One buyer, creating a meaningful connection remains that all-important first step.

No problem, right? After all, we only need a handful of new customers to reach this year’s revenue targets. We need just one successful product launch to fuel our new technology investments. With the world as our playing field, this shouldn’t be too hard, should it? And we have a sales organization we’re paying to make it happen. At least we hope they’ll make it happen.

But hoping is not a strategy, and too often, our beginning-of-the-year hopes become just that by mid-year. With Engineering in Wisconsin, Buying in Michigan and Manufacturing in Mexico, reaching the right people can be increasingly complex and costly. However, many companies have made this effort much more challenging than it needs to be. All of these people are hanging out – and can be reached – online.

Still, many business leaders continue to dismiss digital marketing. I have heard all of the reasons; among the most popular:

  • Nothing can replace face-to-face
  • We’re people talking to people, not computers talking to computers
  • We only need to establish relationships with a few leading companies

The truth is, these are reasons to embrace, not dismiss digital marketing. If done right, websites, social media, search engine optimization and content marketing can all work together to provide a platform for telling a powerful story and making a powerful connection. The goal is to establish your business as a thought leader – the kind of company that good people will want to do business with and work for.

I have the privilege of talking to engineers and supply chain managers at leading corporations across a broad range of industries. While they may attend different conferences, read different media and have different ways of getting information, there’s one thing they all have in common: They’re all online, and they’re searching for solutions to their problems. The question is, Will they find you? And what will they think about you if they do?

The Internet can be a powerful marketing tool facilitating outreach to prospective customers and recruits, and providing easy access to visitors eager to learn more. Through online communications, you can expand your reach with a targeted distribution channel that spans the world 24/7. It never calls in sick, doesn’t shut down for the weekend, and is never afraid to knock on all the necessary doors.

But beware. You can just as easily turn people off as turn them on by bombarding your audiences with information of little or no value. As a presenter at a New York City content marketing conference I recently attended so eloquently put it, “Let’s just be clear. The world doesn’t need any more crappy content!”

Telling a powerful story is next week’s topic, so I’ll just leave that there and conclude with this thought:

Don’t dismiss or walk away from strategies and channels simply because you don’t understand them. Ask the same questions you always ask, “How will this take care of my business issue – this concern that’s nagging me in the middle of the night?” If the answer is, “It won’t or I don’t know,” then find someone who can give you a good answer to these questions. Don’t dismiss the channel because the people you’re surrounded by can’t make it work for you.

The channel works well … if not for you, then for your competitors.



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