As we begin another new year, it’s easy to get excited about the continuing advancements in the realm of digital marketing. After all, with an increasing number of ways to reach target audiences – when and where they want to be reached – the ability to perform effective digital marketing campaigns is continuously evolving.

Here are 5 tactics we need to consider in 2016, as we look to further engage with online users:

  1. Responsive design is a must – If your website and other online collateral are not designed to be viewed on all mobile devices, then you’re going to miss out – as over 60% of all searches are now done on tablets or smartphones. A non-responsive web design will only alienate users, hinder mobile search rankings and diminish overall brand credibility.
  1. Social media advertising as part of the mix – More money is continually being invested in this space. With the ability to pinpoint target audiences with precision, engage with them where they’re most comfortable and easily track results (ROI) with analytics, social media ad dollars should be considered across marketing budgets.
  1. “Structured Data” will enhance SEO – As Google continues to update its algorithms for a better user experience, providing structured data to make machines more easily identify and access the information on your web site will drive up your search rankings. This can be done by providing rich snippet information with things like reviews & ratings and schemas.
  1. Content Marketing as a lead generator – Once considered a nebulous strategy lacking a sound structure and a calculable ROI, it is becoming one of the most important tactics driving customer engagement today. Segmenting databases and using a tiered approach to disseminate content to specific audiences is a great way to weed-out inactive contacts from ripe prospects.
  1. Video drives engagement – As an easy-to-consume, highly-creative way to get information, video is on the rise. With so many devices available in which to watch it – anywhere we go – there’s nothing slowing down the popularity of this mode of media distribution. Millenials are leading the way and everyone else is following – video has online audiences captivated.



Embrace technology

Embrace technology

If you don’t already, it’s time to embrace technology and all it has to offer from a marketing standpoint. Taking the time to understand all the opportunities that digital strategies can offer is well worth it.

At Trefoil Group, we’re excited about the possibilities ahead, and if you would like to learn more about how to enhance your online communications in 2016, please give us a call.