While every plan is customized, a defined process guides its development.

A good marketing communications plan is more than simply specifying tactics, budgets and timelines. But in today’s busy environment, the essential building blocks of a strong strategic plan are too often overlooked. This leads to missed opportunities, misguided actions and an overall lack of productivity.

If you want to create a strong plan that drives the results and ROI you need to compete, you have to follow a proven process.

Here are the 10 steps to our proven marketing communications planning process:

  1. Assess Current SituationKnowing where the business is today and prioritizing needs determines what must be achieved tomorrow.
  2. Compare Business & Marketing GoalsDefining quantifiable goals maximizes measurable business results and drives marketing strategy and accountability.
  3. Define Target AudiencesIdentifying and prioritizing targets ensures an accurate focus and cost-effective resource allocation.
  4. Perform Market Research, Background Building & DiscoveryObtaining industry and market knowledge is vital to cementing a grounded approach.
  5. Develop Strategies to Drive ActionsStarting at a high level and then fleshing out strategies dictates the overall approach and tactics.
  6. Create and Disseminate Content (Public Relations, Social Media, etc.)Publishing relevant content across multiple channels drives awareness and engagement.
  7. Leverage Digital AssetsCommunicating brand messaging on a dedicated website and across an array of online channels is crucial to engage today’s audiences.
  8. AdvertisingBuilding awareness and stimulating interest, as creatively and efficiently as possible, shapes audience behavior and action.
  9. Monitoring & Measuring SuccessAnalyzing what’s working and what’s not throughout the journey guarantees that the focus continues to be on the results.
  10. Ongoing Counsel & Plan EvolutionEngaging in ongoing counsel provides the insights necessary for continual strategy evolution in a dynamic business environment.

For more information on putting together your next successful marketing communications plan, please contact us.