When LinkedIn launched in 2003, its mission was: “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” While this mission still rings true today, the network has expanded to become a strategic marketing tool for companies everywhere. Are you using it to effectively communicate your brand?

Today, LinkedIn offers a variety of features that transcend simply connecting with other professionals – from native advertising to a thought leadership and content sharing platform, Pulse, for starters. Companies looking to establish a meaningful presence on LinkedIn now have a remarkable opportunity to share insightful content about their business and industry with an engaged, highly interested, audience.

But how many B2B companies are actually leveraging LinkedIn beyond networking, taking advantage of the ability to offer target audiences an abundance of compelling content? With more than 414 million users, it’s high time businesses start capitalizing on the incredible exposure offered by LinkedIn.

Driving connections and disseminating information across industries and businesses everywhere, LinkedIn allows you to communicate:

  • Individual to individual: Connecting with others to forge and foster professional relationships – between colleagues and business partners, job seekers and recruiters, customers and suppliers, and even with other like-minded professionals.
  • Individual to company: By connecting directly with businesses, individuals can easily access company information, get real-time updates and discover insights into a company’s products, services and culture. Following companies on either Company Profiles or Showcase Pages allows current and potential suppliers, partners, and employees to conveniently vet companies and/or keep in touch with them. LinkedIn Jobs also connects individuals with companies looking for employees based on criteria they have listed on their own profiles, providing an efficient and effective recruiting tool.
  • Company to individual: In 2011, LinkedIn gave companies the ability to share status updates with followers, opening up a world of possibilities for content dissemination. Then, upon launching Sponsored Updates in 2013, businesses gained the substantial benefit of being able to specifically target updates through native advertising. Sharing relevant content – directly in a targeted audience member’s newsfeed – allows a business to reach individuals it is interested in communicating with most.

LinkedIn has become a major B2B networking and marketing vehicle. Connecting businesses and professionals across the globe, like-minded individuals and companies can conveniently communicate and provide information to one another. With the tremendous exposure offered by LinkedIn, it’s crucial that individuals and businesses make the right impression on their target audience. If done effectively, it is a platform that offers a rich blend of content marketing and social media, with the ability to pinpoint audiences and track performance through analytics.

To learn more about how to leverage all the services LinkedIn has to offer, contact me at akucek@trefoilgroup.com.