Micro-Moments: Big Decisions on Small Screens

Micro-moments: big decisions on small screens

Micro-moments: big decisions on small screens

The incredible rise of mobile devices has led to innumerable “micro-moment” opportunities throughout any given day that lead to purchasing decisions. Since they are happening all the time, you need to make sure your valuable, helpful content is always readily available for potential customers, leaving a lasting brand impression and aiding in the decision making process.

Although it’s easy to see the direct connection between micro-moments and sales in a traditional consumer marketplace, B2B businesses can’t lose sight of them within parts of their customer journey either. After all, whether in a store, on the train or in the doctor’s office, your potential customers are constantly using their phones to gather information before making upcoming purchases. What will they find when they start researching the products or services you sell?

Here are 3 steps to making the most of micro-moments:

  1. Don’t be shy – Be accessible. Make sure your website is mobile friendly and search engine optimized (SEO’d) around the terms that your customers are using to search. By knowing what they’re looking for and making your relevant information readily accessible, you will be able to use Pay Per Click (PPC) and/or organic SEO to make sure you’re easily found.
  2. Cut to the chase – Time is of the essence. Customers are looking for precise, differentiating information, and they’re looking for it now. Whether entering your website through your homepage or a topic-specific landing page, you will want them to be able to quickly navigate to where they want to go. A good user-experience (UX) will make all the difference.
  3. Make it easy – Now they want to buy. For ecommerce transactions, order forms need to be quick and easy to complete. And for business-to-business sales, putting customers directly in touch with the right person to assist with the transaction will increase conversions. Create clearly called out contact information for customers to begin a dialogue with a live person.

According to Google, 65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information. This means any brand has the opportunity to own these micro-moments. Are you doing all you can to seize these opportunities? Do it, and win with digital marketing.

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