These days, it takes more than superior soccer skills to stand out on a global platform

With the World Cup playing on televisions across the globe (about 3.2 billion, to be exact), we’ve been thinking about what this global gathering means to us in the marketing world. While it might seem countries only come together like this once every four years, in reality, we’re coming together on a global scale every single day. World Cup

For manufacturers, this rings especially true. Whether you’re buying equipment from a different country, or working with fellow manufacturers to export products, or interacting with international talent, you’re constantly performing on a global stage.

So, exceptional soccer skills aside, what makes a worldwide winner? Here are three habits of the best players:

  • Connecting across digital platforms. Your company must be accessible from all corners of the world, and one of the easiest ways to do that is your website. But, be careful in your execution. What’s optimal for web in your area may not apply across the globe. Check out our blog on global website design for helpful hints.
  • Communicating across language barriers. With the many different languages a business encounters, even with the U.S. workforce, leaders are finding ways to surmount these barriers. For example, in order to reach larger audiences over a variety of languages, Frigel translated their new product brochure into 8 languages.
  • Collaborating with teams a world away. It’s not easy to work across time zones that are 14 hours apart, but you’ve got to find a way to make it work.  As members of IPREX, the global network of independent marketing communications partners, we collaborate with agencies across the world through our online portal and regular regional meetings.

In the end, only one team wins the World Cup. And in business, only one company wins any given opportunity. In either case, the winners will be the ones who adapt to and take advantage of global trends. Will you be among them?

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