Even for seasoned professionals, it’s crucial to keep expanding horizons

Walt Disney toured the country’s creative landmarks.

The Beatles traveled to India.

Steve Jobs took a calligraphy course.

And last week, I visited Prague.

IPREX-Prague Meeting

Granted, I may not be on the cusp of a creative breakthrough akin to Disneyland, The White Album or the Macintosh.

But I still came away motivated by the diversity of ideas I witnessed during the Fall meeting for the European partners of IPREX, our global network of marketing communications partners, which I’m now serving as president.

The IPREX meetings are always invigorating – and not just in terms of locale, but also in terms of the perspectives we share among agencies of all shapes and sizes from around the world. I always return full of ideas for new offers to customers, new approaches to marketing, new solutions to challenges.

So what about you? Besides reading engaging blog posts, how do you seek out diverse insights that help drive innovation or other continuous improvements?

(If you’re in the Milwaukee area, here’s one creative opportunity you might want to consider.)