Breaking Down the Barriers of Global Communications

Berlin WallI was recently presented with a piece of the Berlin Wall as a thank you gift for my service as global president of IPREX, a worldwide network of communications agencies. This piece of what was once a barrier between East and West Germany, serves as a symbol of breaking down barriers in global communications.

Today, more and more companies look to do business in new markets. And so global market barriers must still be broken – barriers of culture, language, and varying levels of sophistication.

Now as the outgoing president of IPREX, I’ve had time to reflect on how we’ve helped companies to break through these barriers and expand their business into new markets. Here are three keys:

  • Converging practices. Agencies differ globally – some offer focused expertise while some models are integrated. And while each agency is different, each also has strengths that can be maximized. Together we achieve a greater success for the companies we serve not only by leveraging the expertise of others, but also by sharing best practices as well as insights from those with feet on the ground where a company is expanding.
  • Integrating channels. With today’s multiple communication channels, our target audiences receive messages through an ever-growing number of sources. The key is that no matter where or how a message is encountered, it’s consistent. Teaming with partners at the point of entry can leverage the best channels for that audience.
  • Adapting innovation. Innovations and trends evolve quickly, and agencies have to evolve as swiftly to accelerate success for companies. This means adapting – discovering, learning, and mastering innovations that can bring companies into new markets more successfully and more affordably. A collective group of eyes and ears on the market working together brings an acute awareness, fosters idea sharing, and helps with training to adapt innovations more readily.

IPREX is a model of constant conversation as partners use this peer group to access experience, advice, ideation and best practices from around the world. The whole is better than its parts, and a great asset to help carry businesses into new markets and new heights. Just like the Berlin Wall was torn down, we can’t allow obstacles to limit us.

In a complex global business environment, our willingness to leverage the strengths of others will be pivotal in helping companies to distill complexity and create a clear vision for their futures.

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