Let’s dig deeper with some inspiring examples for becoming your own media company

After our last post about why you should consider developing more original content, maybe you walked away thinking, “ OK, but what content? How?”

Here’s a start: Study companies who are doing it well.

With that in mind, below are three fine examples. Instead of just focusing on their products, these B2B and B2C companies are focusing on themes and issues of interest to customers. In the process, they’re building trust, loyalty and stronger relationships. Take a closer look and see how they’re providing answers, provoking discussion – or sometimes, just making people laugh.

1)  Cisco is going above and beyond not just in creating customer-focused content, but in comprehensive social customer relationship management (CRM). Through efforts such as a social media listening center, they have become masters at seeing problems through their customers’ eyes. Read more about Cisco’s social media strategy.

2)  Salesforce does a good job of following a 90/10 rule: 90 percent of content is about their customers; 10 percent is about themselves. They’re showcasing their culture and expertise, while adding value by providing content that customers and prospects care about.

3)  Mint set sets itself apart from the competitive financial management services fray through down-to-earth engagement that’s supported by content properties such as the Mint Life blog. Strong focus on simple personal finance advice makes Mint a go-to resource for valuable, practical information.

If that’s not enough, here are eight more firms succeeding as media companies. This should at least get you thinking about how you can adapt your strategies to create effective content. And in a future post, we’ll offer some key pointers to help accelerate your success.