Rise above the marketplace mayhem with online storytelling

Beware the following data of doom: According to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of marketers say they’re creating more content than they did a year ago.

It’s enough to send chills down the spine of any B2B marketer. You’re increasingly surrounded by evil armies of zombie content that threaten to devour your web presence.

How will you slay this many-headed content monster?Halloween 1

Start by heeding the first of these 3 website lessons reinforced by Trefoil Group’s recent digital work: It’s dreadfully important that you build up an arsenal of storytelling that differentiates. Visitors to your website must come away with a cohesive and compelling idea of what truly sets your company apart.

As a Halloween treat, here are a few silver bullets in your battle to differentiate amid the terrifying content chaos.

  • Deepen the story. Information about your company’s products and services is a must. But is that all your company has to offer? Take the opportunity on your website to share the why and how of what you do for customers better than anyone else. Take Aubright, for example. Their website talks about their products and services, but emphasizes the sophisticated craftsmanship of their people through content and imagery.
  • Sharpen your message. Stick a pitchfork in the typical language about “great customer service” and hone your messaging so it consistently and concisely tells readers how you can help them. On the global website of Frigel, for example, visitors get a clear idea on every page how Frigel is proven to help them improve operations.
  • Elevate with imagery. Fresh, high-quality photography is essential to adding engagement and memorability to any story. Show not just your products, but your people, your process and, if possible, your customers. For example, the new Metal-Era website highlights a mix of applications and employees, giving site visitors a well-rounded view of the entire value proposition.

Read more about the lessons from our recent web work here. Also, stay tuned for our fall 2014 edition of Newsbreak, where we’ll take a deeper dive into content marketing trends. And good luck creating killer content this Halloween!