They may come for the products. But they remember the personality.

Rows upon rows packed with product displays. Bright fluorescents and LCD screens. Banners bursting with bullets about capabilities, technologies and specs.

Sooner or later, it all starts to blend together on the tradeshow floor. Don’t let that happen to you – not when you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars just to be there.

What to do? The key is to get past the typical overemphasis on products and services. Your company is more than the sum of these parts. Seize the opportunity to share a more meaningful story with your customers.

In this busy environment, you’ve got to deliver a clear, compelling idea in a matter of seconds. And making that memorable connection requires a strategic branding effort and a commitment to creativity. Centrysis Landing Page

That’s the approach Centrisys began to take in launching the THK Thickening System at the WEFTEC water quality tradeshow last fall. They didn’t just make generic claims about innovation or their product’s unique features.

Instead, they told the story behind the breakthroughs. Ideas ahead is more than a tagline. It’s a promise, an invitation and a rallying point.

Centrisys sets a good example of how to make a meaningful and lasting impact: By all means, talk product – but do so in a clean, visual way that’s anchored in a single idea about who you are and why it matters.