The latest web trends all shoot for more satisfying interactions and stronger impacts.

You can see some of these trends at work on our digital landing page.

You can see some of these trends at work on our digital landing page.

  1. Simpler design. The trend toward a so-called flat user interface (UI), including Apple’s latest IOS updates, means a streamlined look with fewer and less complex graphics. The focus is on the content.
  2. Large type. With reasonable restraint, varying typefaces is another way to help visitors scan and understand your content more quickly, while helping you emphasize key messages or offers.
  3. Large background images. This aesthetically pleasing approach helps draw your eye to the page, and makes for a visually engaging site while not distracting from the overall purpose of the page.
  4. Moving elements. Parallax scrolling is a technique that allows background images to move slower than foreground. Used judiciously, it can liven up your content and create a more interesting interaction for visitors. Here’s one example. Here are 30 more. You can see some of these trends at work on our digital landing page.
  5. New standards in web coding. Faster loading, more mobile compatible and versatile, HTML5 is steadily replacing Adobe Flash for interactive digital design. Meanwhile, easily updated content management systems such as WordPress are also on the rise.
  6. Mobile compatibility. As smartphone use continues to climb, mobile-friendly approaches such as responsive web design – built to respond to the device you’re using, reducing the need for scrolling, resizing, etc. – are increasingly popular.
  7. More video. It’s easier than ever to produce and share video, and audiences are increasingly drawn toward online video content – particularly viewed on mobile devices.
  8. Less spammy content. Google’s ongoing algorithm updates continue to root out repetitive, keyword-stuffed web pages in favor of sites with fresh, relevant information the search engine’s users are seeking.
  9. More quality content. Blogs and evergreen content – timeless, foundational articles that highlight your most valuable expertise – remain one of your most cost-effective web marketing tools.

Key Advantages You Should Be Aiming for

  • Fast load times
  • Ease of navigation
  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Engagement
  • Valuable information

What’s it all mean? This year, you should be seeking to create a better user experience through a mix of these techniques that best fits your offering, your goals and your audience. Overall, make the experience easy, and make a great impression.