Global Entry is the federal program that allows expedited clearance for travelers entering the U.S. For participants the goal is simple – speed through the entry process. And successfully easing entry, the program continues to grow in popularity.

Global EntryToday, there’s a renewed and growing interest among manufacturers in entering the North American market as well. I hear it in conversations with clients and partners regularly, but in spite of the rise of globalization, global marketing remains complex – especially when establishing a foreign presence. If only there was a ready-made “Global Entry” for businesses looking to enter new markets.

Here are five key questions to think about when building a strategic approach for entering a new market and establishing a presence more quickly and effectively.

  1. How will you demonstrate a real commitment to the market you’re targeting? You want customers to know, like and trust you. To build a rapport, companies must demonstrate a commitment at the local level. It’s not enough to be a foreign company selling a product or service from afar.
  2. What value proposition will you bring to the market? What are you bringing to that market that’s better, or not currently available – quality, technology, affordability or some combination of these? Be clear in your value proposition and stand out!
  3. How will you manage cultural and language differences across regions? Sure, you’re fluent in the products and services you sell, but how will you translate their benefits across cultural and language barriers? If you don’t have feet on the ground, consider bridging the gap with partners that do.
  4. What will be the best communication channels? It’s commonly said that businesses need to have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Today, there are hundreds of ways to consume information, but the best channels are the ones from which your audience consumes information. It’s key to have a handle on the ones that will be most effective in the new market.
  5. How will you build social proof? It’s a simple concept – people will be more compelled to take action when they see others taking action. What people do and say is important. Get to know key influencers in your local target audience. Win them over and others will follow suit.

There may not be a ready-made “Global Entry” program to streamline entry for today’s manufacturer, but that doesn’t mean companies can’t enter new markets and accelerate their presence. Our own agency is a member of IPREX – a worldwide network of communication agencies – which fosters idea sharing, best practices, and local insights.

The global business environment is as complex as ever. Working together and leveraging the strengths of partners in new markets can’t buy “Global Entry,” but you can bet it will help answer key strategic communication questions and better set you up to accelerate a presence in the market you enter.

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