How Content Can Be the Catalyst for Your Marketing Goals

5 Ways Content Marketing Drives Growth, Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Take a moment to consider your ideal customer.

What are the problems they face every day? What questions do they have that you can answer? What do they care about that you can impact?

Addressing these issues is what content marketing is all about. The more you deliver insights that matter to your prospects, the more they seek you out…and the easier your sales process becomes. Here are five ways content marketing helps you drive sales growth and customer satisfaction.

Attracting Visitors, Followers and Leads

There’s no better way to optimize your website for search than by providing useful content.

Your target customers are out there seeking answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Content marketing provides useful information in these moments of need.

These organic SEO efforts help more target customers find you, linger on your site and think of you as a go-to expert. Meanwhile, the broader internet starts to take notice. Other online resources may link to your content. Search engines index more pages of quality content on your site. And that can lead to higher search rankings.

Moving Prospects through the Funnel

Today’s B2B buyer’s journey is complex and long. It’s not just one or two decision makers anymore, but a buying group of at least four. Each of those people will do their own research before they ever talk to you. Good thing your content is there to help guide and support their research.

Refocus on those questions we posed at the beginning of this article. Provide the insights your ideal customers need. In this way, you nurture each lead, nudging them through the funnel from awareness, to consideration, to the final decision.

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Building Trust

When are your prospects most likely to move through your marketing funnel? When they trust you.

Content marketing is your opportunity to not only showcase your expertise, but show your ideal customers how your brand creates value that transcends your products and services. Connecting them with helpful, pragmatic content as well as thought leadership perspectives that establish your brand and reputation will build credibility beyond your products, capabilities and services.

Along the way, you set your company apart, earn prospects’ trust and build relationships that make your company the customer’s best choice.

Driving Engagement

The value of content marketing doesn’t stop when you get a prospect to the bottom of the funnel. It also encourages customers to stick around.

Offer knowledge-based content on a regular basis, in different formats, on different platforms. Encourage customers to interact through comments, polls, post sharing, etc. When you keep them engaged, they become more loyal. And they’re more likely to advocate for your company with other prospects.

Whether you enhance the customer experience with application-specific explainer videos, FAQs or blogs dedicated to industry issues and trends (like this one,) you’ll solidify and cultivate your customer relationships.

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Continuing to Improve

From websites to emails to video and social media, most content marketing efforts today take a digital form. And that means you can measure, learn from and keep improving everything you do.

For starters, you can direct leads to your content and stay top of mind through a broad range of digital marketing channels including paid and organic search, retargeting campaigns, social media, email drip campaigns and more. These digital campaigns also enable you to tap into insights on what your ideal customer needs and wants, as well as what works and what doesn’t. These insights can inform and elevate future marketing efforts.

Bottom Line:

Don’t leave your stories untold. If done right, content will play an important role in improving marketing’s contribution to business growth and performance.

Bottom Line:

The key to success is understanding that sales and marketing are complementary – not competitive. When you align on goals and strategy, foster strong communication, integrate technologies, and harness data together, you’ll overcome the old finger pointing and excuses. Instead you’ll unite, engage and empower both teams to drive more revenue, growth and customer satisfaction.

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