Six steps for Successful Strategy Shifts

Change is scary! But in order to be the best, it takes constant reinvention…and constant change. As an integrated marketing agency, our team knows a thing or two about keeping up with changing technology…but what happens when you’re asked to help a client along in their digital transformation journey? You may have heard of Kotters Eight Steps of Change, but we’ve got something new—Trefoil Group’s Six Steps for Successful Strategy Shifts:

  1. Embrace Change
    You know the old saying…“the hardest part is admitting there’s a problem.” It’s true, because even for the most tech-savvy businesses, there’s always room for improvement. Change management is imperative when moving from traditional to multi-channel strategies, and the trick is to find early adapters within the company to serve as your cheerleaders. This will help to get the whole team on board to make a commitment to change—and stick to it!
  1. Think Outside The Box
    Think back to the days when MySpace was cool, cell phones flipped open and “Omnichannel” sounded more like the name of a cool TV network than a marketing strategy. Times sure have changed. Fifteen years ago, we wouldn’t have thought marketers would be able to deliver precise messaging to targeted demographics across multiple channels…but look at us now! There’s always going to be the next “next best thing,” so keep your eyes peeled for it! Helping your clients identify and adapt to newly released technologies can keep them—and you—ahead of the curve.
  1. Spread the Love
    Momma always said “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” That Momma is so smart. It’s important to encourage clients to diversify offerings and strategies across multiple channels and competencies including digital, social, online, offline, brick and mortar, and more. And not only do each of these individual components need to exist, but they need to be integrated within your agency to maximize effectiveness for your clients! Break down those silos and encourage collaboration—on all levels.
  1. Buckle Up
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: change isn’t pretty. No matter how you slice it, changing strategies, processes and protocols will likely bring emotions to the surface. Brace your client (and yourself!) for rough waters…but know that they won’t last forever. Just keep your eyes on the prize and keep on keepin’ on!
  1. Solidify Relationships
    1While your client may hire you to serve as its agency, it’s important to view this relationship as a partnership. Integrate yourself and your team into your client’s businesss so you can stand alongside your client during this time of change. As our role as marketers evolves, we must also evolve our relationships with clients.
  1. Measure
    All these suggestions are great…but how do you determine if progress is being made? Data, data, data! Real-time analysis of data will inform your move-forward strategies and track previous strategies in relation to ROI. At the end of the day, if you can continually answer YES to the “Do our efforts sustain increased sales?” question, you’re helping your client move in the right direction!