It’s about advancing your unique approach to solving customers’ biggest problems.

What’s the purpose of your marketing messages and content? Do you seek to attract and nurture leads … or challenge and inspire an entire industry?

The latter approach is thought leadership, which was the focus of a fascinating luncheon hosted recently by BMA-Milwaukee.

“Content marketing’s goal is to inform, educate and attract potential buyers at different stages of the buying process. Thought leadership content emerges when big ideas and company views strike a resonant chord that causes the market to adopt its positions broadly.”

Presenter Laura Ramos
Forrester Research

I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t. But what I will say is that thought leadership can be a great way to leverage game-changing ideas into a competitive edge. Thought Leadership

Let’s dive into that a little deeper. Thought leadership takes more than typical content marketing and PR efforts, which tend to focus on practical tips, company promotions, etc. Those are only part of the package, and they won’t make you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Rather, Forrester argues that thought leadership sits at the pinnacle of a bigger, bolder content marketing strategy.

In our next blog, we’ll look more closely at how to advance thought leadership, as well as some examples of those who are using this approach successfully.

Ultimately, the goal is to be a trusted authority. You take a stand on a key issue. Advocate for crucial change. In other words, lead – and customers will follow.