Three Ways to Attract New Prospects


Every day we see the smart, innovative and impactful work companies do. We also see how excited and driven they are to use their expertise to solve problems for clients.

The challenge for many businesses, however, is to tell the story of what they do in a way that’s just as smart and innovative as the work they do.

Despite having cutting-edge products, services and teams, an ineffective story told through the wrong channels will fail to capture the attention of new customers.

It takes time, persistence and rigor to successfully attract quality leads. But getting in front of the right people, with the right story, communicated through the right channels will go a long way in successfully engaging new prospects and growing your business.

Craft a Story as Innovative as Your Company
Your story should include compelling information on the distinction of your cross-collaborative teams, advanced technologies and innovative design solutions, but, most importantly, you must make it ripe with values and benefits for your prospects.

Provide an understanding of how you will not only take good care of them, but how you will help them take better care of their customers and reach their financial goals.

Make sure they know why doing business with you is a decidedly better choice than doing business with anyone else.

Build Reputation and Trust
It is our belief that you cannot transact faster than you can build trust. People want to hear from those they know and find credible, so it’s important to establish yourself as a well-respected, leading expert.

You can start building reputation and trust in your niche by speaking at conferences, conducting media outreach, sponsoring events, writing perspective pieces, or giving back to your community and industry.

Prioritize Your Target Audiences:
5 Questions to Ask

  1. 1 Immediacy of Opportunity What industry sectors or markets represent current growth opportunities?
  2. 2Competitive Advantage What problems can you solve differently or better than anyone else?
  3. 3 Brand Reputation Have you built reputation and trust ahead of trying to sell?
  4. 4 Experience What statistical evidence or examples will demonstrate what you can do?
  5. 5 Willingness to Invest Can you back up your interest with the time, money and resources to grow this part of your business?

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By sharing your expertise through multiple channels, you will raise your credibility as a trusted advisor and increase the chances of reaching your target markets.

Get in Front of the Right People
Identify quality leads by evaluating your database and assessing whether or not your best prospects are on your list. Ask yourself “Does this company represent realistic opportunities in the short-term?”

If the answer is no, move quickly to identify new targets, as well as to determine how you will reach out to them and with what message.

Most importantly, don’t give up.

Since most prospects will say no many times before they say yes, we encourage you to keep sharing your story to strong prospects to create important connections and a friendly predisposition toward your brand.

By The Numbers

  • 42% of sales professionals say prospecting is the hardest part of their job.
  • The average person sees 5,000 ads, marketing messages and emails every day.
  • Only 3% of your target market is ready to buy now.
  • More than 80% of high-performing sales teams use at least 3 marketing channels and create at least 15 touchpoints per prospect.
  • 80% of prospects say no 4 times before they say yes, while 92% of businesses give up after the fourth touchpoint.
  • 79% of business buyers find trustworthiness critical.

Source: B2B Lead Generation and Client Acquisition Trends Report produced by LinkedSelling

By taking steps to craft a story as innovative as your company’s work, build reputation and trust, and get in front of the right people, you can make great strides in capturing the attention of new prospects and turning their interest into consideration and their consideration into real business opportunities.

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