Turn Your Trade Show Contacts into Customers

Three ways to maximize your trade show ROI

Planning for the perfect trade show – creating the right plan, rallying your sales team, setting meetings and perfecting your booth – is not an easy or inexpensive task. From pre-show preparations to networking at the show, your sales team is working hard to build your pipeline of business opportunities. And afterwards, you analyze the show – identify which things went well, which didn’t, and debate whether it was worth the tremendous allocation of time and money.

By finding a way to drive leads and nurture new contacts pre and post show, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Letting trade show leads expire is one of the costliest mistakes companies make, significantly diminishing the ROI from trade show investments. Instead, take these three steps to turn trade show contacts into customers.

Engage in Pre and Post Show Organic and Paid Social Media Opportunities

As one of the best channels to increase brand awareness and loyalty, social media platforms provide both organic and paid advertising opportunities. One easy way to begin building your opportunity pipeline is by promoting your attendance at the show ahead of time. Tagging the trade show hosts and using related hashtags in your posts can maximize your organic reach. This allows you to gain exposure that furthers top-of-mind awareness with people interested in or attending the show.

Following the show, recap posts can help you to continue to engage with attendees – using both organic posts and paid ads. LinkedIn offers advertising options that target your own database of contacts. Adding leads from the show to your database will help you stay in front of them across multiple channels in the future. These tactics will enable you to target buyers with a variety of communications that keep your company in their consideration sets.

Nurture Your Leads & Avoid the “One & Done” Thank-You Email

While trade shows are a terrific way to generate new leads – sales don’t happen overnight. Sales cycles can be long, especially for more expensive purchases. And today’s savvy buyers want to get to know your company online before taking your sales call. Use your post-show, thank-you email as the first step in a lead nurturing program that catches the recipient’s attention with relevant, engaging content. Keep their attention with ongoing communications that link them to your website for more. This will allow you to retarget them: keeping warm leads warm, heating up cold leads and turning buyers’ interest into real consideration.

Stay Top of Mind with Retargeting Ads

After the show, the right retargeting strategy supported by marketing automation will enable you to stay in front of prospects. Research tells us that users who visit a website after clicking on a retargeting campaign ad are up to 70% more likely to convert. Implementing a retargeting strategy into your digital advertising campaign provides additional touchpoints to those that have already expressed interest in your offering – guiding your leads down the funnel to purchase.

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