Legendary coach Vince Lombardi once said, “when you get into the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.” Rather than showing off, show your opponents that you expected to score – that you belong in the end zone. To Lombardi, this display, or lack thereof, creates a presence felt by opponents and spectators alike. It sends a clear, strong message – it should be no surprise to see you in the end zone.

The same holds true when a new brand looks to be taken seriously when entering an industry with already established, proven brands. Again, it’s all about showing competitors and your target audience that you belong there. Establishing an immediate presence alongside the other reputable brands in the industry will deliver the instant credibility you need to begin competing for market share.

Three Steps to Establishing a Brand Presence for Startup Company YARDMAX

Turning a Challenger Brand into a Contender: How to Create a Brand Presence

  1. Create Brand Identity – As the essence of its brand identity, the logo and tagline for startup outdoor power equipment company YARDMAX needed to be especially bold. Establishing an immediate connection with its audience, a decisive call to action tested well across focus groups, and “Tame the Great Outdoors” became the embodiment of the brand story.
  2. Make an Impact – Penetrating new markets requires messaging that not only raises awareness but also leaves a lasting impression. Again, testing well in focus groups, the YARDMAX Wild Man was created to provide a memorable experience for the consumer audience on Facebook, the website and at tradeshows. Meanwhile, full-page, bold ads targeted buyers in B2B trade pubs.
  3. Multi-Channel Communications – Executing an integrated communications strategy requires a well thought-out plan of content dissemination across multiple channels – the corporate website, social media, press releases, sell sheets and more. Gaining optimal exposure, across a wide range of touch points, is the only way to drive immediate results.

Ready for Launch – Make it an Event

Once you’ve got your brand presence established, it’s time to make a splash into the industry. Whether launching at a tradeshow or a special, company-sponsored event, “officially” entering the marketplace is a great way to generate a buzz amongst your audiences – consumers, buyers and media, alike.

See the powerful results of successfully launching a new brand into an established industry.

Ready to create a brand presence that tells your competitors and audience that you’ve arrived? Trefoil Group can help convey the impression that you belong there – in the discussion with competitive brands – immediately transitioning you from challenger brand to contender.