As racial tensions escalated over the past year in Milwaukee, we see the next generation of children in Milwaukee’s inner city at even greater risk in a community more divided than we ever imagined.

We believe that you may hold a similar perspective to ours, but we must do more. We must create real opportunities for Milwaukee’s at-risk children to move beyond monetary and social poverty. But how?

We invite you to learn about a game-changing opportunity that will create real impact. Superintendent Henry Tyson and his team at St. Marcus School are transforming lives and reshaping futures for thousands of inner-city children. As an 80/80 school – 80% black and 80% low income – St. Marcus is leading the way in educational performance for students in this demographic.

Having just opened its third campus in the 53212 zip code, St. Marcus needs help closing two very real gaps – and their need is our opportunity. A $2,500 contribution will cover the difference between what it actually costs to educate a scholar and the dollars the state voucher program provides. But this is about more than money. It also creates an opportunity to close an exposure and engagement gap – giving us the chance to interact with students as pen pals, through in-classroom activities, and more.

Our goal is this: find 30 people (or couples) to each adopt one of St. Marcus’ 4th grade scholars. And together, we can adopt a classroom this school year. If we’re successful, we’ll be the first of many groups that we hope will do this!

Our ask is very simple: On Wednesday, September 29 at 4:30 PM, join a 30 minute Zoom with us and Henry Tyson to learn more about this exciting opportunity. Click here to RSVP.

Join us in taking this opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a child – creating a direct impact on their lives and on our city. Don’t miss your opportunity to be 1 of 30. Don’t miss your opportunity to come together and make a real and direct impact.

The lives we change may very well be our own. We promise that you will be glad you did.