Follow These Strategic Insights from Trefoil Group’s 5 Recent Site Launches

Many B2B companies recognize the increasing importance of their websites in their sales and marketing efforts. Exhibit A: Trefoil Group’s recent launch of five new websites for midmarket manufacturing clients.

Recognizing the need, however, isn’t the same as knowing what to do about it – especially when confronting the rapidly evolving challenges of SEO, mobile, content marketing and more. In Trefoil Group’s ongoing efforts to help companies see clearly through these complexities, here are three strategic lessons reinforced by the firm’s latest website work.

  1. Stay agile. The marketplace is changing. Goals and strategies are changing. And so are digital marketing technologies. Flexibility to continuously roll with the changes is essential. For example, you may want to implement a Content Management System (CMS) that’s easy to expand and evolve.
  2. Enhance the user experience. Structure, content and navigation must be aligned with what customers are looking for. Understand what they care about – capabilities, markets, product categories, resources, etc. – and serve it to them in a logical way so that their path to satisfaction is easy. Clarity is the key.
  3. Achieve differentiation. With the web now the centerpiece of so many companies’ marketing efforts, it’s never been more important to build and support a compelling brand story online. For a website investment to work, visitors must come away with a cohesive and compelling idea not just of what a company sells, but of what truly sets it apart.

Highlights of the New Manufacturing Company Websites

For over two decades, Trefoil Group has been supporting the success of midmarket manufacturers and other B2B companies by continuously advancing its expertise in digital marketing as well as branding and PR.

“B2B websites are often complex technical and strategic undertakings, and the five sites we just launched were no exception,” said Vince Halaska, vice president of digital marketing for Trefoil Group. “While addressing these complexities, however, it’s crucial to stay focused on the bigger idea of what a company is all trying to achieve or accomplish. We worked hard alongside each of our manufacturing clients to build not just an effective website, but a compelling story for their visitors.”

The Trefoil Group-developed websites that went live during a one-week span in September 2014 include:

Spuncast– Working within the company’s established web platform, the updated Spuncast site reorganizes navigation and content to make it easier for visitors to grasp market applications, key attributes and the overall value proposition of the company and its specialized centrifugal casting services. More

Metal-Era– Streamlined to help customers get to the products they want, Metal-Era’s new website greatly improves the user experience. Meanwhile, it emphasizes a brand story of speed, protection, expertise and quality that elevates the company and its products above the commodity fray. More




Renaissance Power Systems – In line with an evolution of its business model and go-to-market strategy, Renaissance Power Systems expanded and enhanced its site with a detailed, keyword-rich and customer-facing exploration of its capabilities and market applications. More



Griffin Gear and Havlik Gear– Formerly approaching the market individually, these two Renaissance Power Systems portfolio companies relaunched their sites as part of the RPS family – one comprehensive and high-precision offer promoted by engaging and search engine optimized content. More







Discover More about Trefoil Group’s Website Development Approach

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