Sharpspring trefoil group partnership accelerates digital marketing success

Marketing Automation Platform Delivers Measurable ROI

MILWAUKEE, WI (September 7, 2022) – Trefoil Group, an integrated marketing agency, is proud to announce they are a SharpSpring Silver Certified Agency Partner.

A leading provider of marketing automation solutions, SharpSpring’s platform enables companies to align sales and marketing, effectively generate and manage leads, personalize the buyer journey, and aggregate data to inform better decision making.

According to Michelle Neira, Digital Services Director, “Many mid-market, B2B companies are now embracing digital marketing. SharpSpring is both a robust and affordable marketing automation solution. It improves program performance and enhances our ability to monitor, measure and evolve our marketing programs to deliver measurable ROI.”

SharpSpring’s broad automation solutions can be used to personalize digital advertising and email nurture campaigns, create dynamic forms, manage social media and improve lead generation. Easily integrating with CRM platforms like Salesforce and Zoho, sales teams are engaged, the quality and quantity of leads are improved, and customer data is captured and effectively used.

“Most of our clients are now using SharpSpring and seeing an increase in revenue and measurable ROI from their digital marketing programs,” Neira said. “We look forward to leveraging this partnership to continue producing the results our clients are looking for from their marketing programs.”

About Trefoil Group

An integrated marketing communications firm, Trefoil Group creates brands and marketing programs that increase market share and build business value. Leveraging data-driven insights, our innovative, integrated marketing programs are designed to differentiate, drive engagement, and elevate market perceptions of our clients. Built on a belief that marketing has the power to accelerate strategic growth, Trefoil Group is committed to unleash its potential to drive clients’ businesses forward.

About SharpSpring

SharpSpring (NASDAQ: SHSP) is a rapidly growing, highly rated, global, and affordable revenue growth platform delivered via a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. More than 10,000 businesses around the world rely on SharpSpring platforms to generate leads, improve conversions to sales, and drive higher returns on marketing investments.