Qualified job seekers are in the driver’s seat in today’s tight labor market, and companies in search of new workers are competing for talent with an urgency not seen before.

Employers are now offering numerous perks, including on-site gyms, sign-on bonuses, coffee bars, flexible scheduling and much more, in their efforts to set themselves apart. But they still might be missing an important yet easily overlooked opportunity to connect with today’s job seekers – inspiration.

Inspiration doesn’t have to be about speeches or doling out millions through a philanthropic foundation. It’s more about showing the things you and your company are passionate about, and where you’re making a difference.

Today’s workforce wants to connect with companies that serve a purpose, are passionate about causes, improve their communities and work to make the world a better place. Showcasing where your company is making a difference, through your website and social media channels, is an opportunity to leverage something you’re already doing. This messaging will resonate with today’s job seekers who are trying to connect with companies and leaders with a higher purpose.

Here are a few examples of things that might appeal to today’s recruits:

  • Many companies are involved in community organizations or nonprofits. Does your company collect toys for kids at Christmas? Help build or remodel homes with Habitat for Humanity? Remove invasive species at a nature preserve?
  • A large number of business owners and top executives serve on the boards of directors for area nonprofits, applying some of their business acumen to causes they are passionate about. Are you involved?
  • Is your company advancing its industry by creating breakthrough innovations or introducing new and differentiating products?
  • Technical colleges and high schools have begun teaching about the skills gap in manufacturing classes. Many are touring businesses to show students the job opportunities and careers waiting for them. Is your business taking part, and how are you telling this story?
  • Trade and business organizations, whether they are related to an area of production, employment sector, or state or local chamber of commerce, are also doing their part to improve their communities and industries. Where is your company involved, and are your owners or executives taking a leadership position?

Inspiration isn’t something that can purchased. However, highlighting the causes and organizations you and your company care about – and where you’re getting involved in a hands-on way – gives you an opportunity to connect with today’s job seekers on a personal level. Creating this emotional connection can go a long way in differentiating your company as it competes for talent.