If you had a sales executive who didn’t see the value of the sales and marketing departments working closely together, would you want them to continue working for you? The inherent synergy between Sales and Marketing has long been accepted as an essential component of a successful business.

In today’s competitive market for top talent, recruiting and hiring need to share that same level of importance and interaction. In fact, alignment and collaboration between Human Resources and Marketing is critical to gaining and holding the attention of today’s workforce.

Combining Forces: Marketing and HR

Generating interest in your company, its culture and the benefits of working there must be a top priority in your organization. In the uphill climb to attract and retain top talent, it’s essential for your marketing team to properly equip your hiring team with the tools they need to be successful.
Here’s how your marketing department (or agency) can help your HR and/or recruitment teams:

  1. Create a welcoming and robust “careers” section on your website – This will tell a compelling story (why your company is a great place to work) and highlight opportunities for training and continuing education, career advancement, and benefits unique to your company and industry. This is not a place for job descriptions! Those should be a layer or two deeper. This is simply where you focus on attracting an applicant’s interest.
  2. Gain exposure through social media and traditional PR channels – Build your company’s reputation with today’s job seekers (active or passive) on Facebook, LinkedIn or other outlets where you can capture their attention. Also, look at where you can market your company locally – in the community, at local schools or through other industry-related organizations.
  3. Give HR great tools to stimulate the marketplace – Produce creative banners, printed collateral with talking points, and schwag to be used at career fairs, along with targeted direct mail pieces to send to new college grads from select universities with specific majors.

And here’s how HR and your hiring team can deliver these great materials to the right audiences:

    1. Clearly identify company hiring needs – Find out what recruits from different demographics and skill sets looking for in an employer. If you don’t know who your audience is, how are you going to reach it?
    2. Find the best employee ambassadors to tell their stories – Saying why they chose your company and how their careers have blossomed within your organization will make your pool of employee ambassadors a powerful resource for attracting today’s top talent. Try and get them to give you quality testimonials, as well – either in print or video.
    3. Create relationships with local organizations – Aligning yourself with nearby universities, technical colleges, high schools and industry associations will give you exposure to a natural audience. For a newly created marketing program, this can help you test your message while it’s continuing to be developed.

Of course there are many other opportunities to pursue, but these are just a few things to get you thinking about how to align your marketing and recruiting efforts. There are many challenges in finding top talent today, but by using some of the best practices of sales and marketing, your company can use existing strengths and resources to emerge as a winner!