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Effective Integration Strategy Drives New Growth and Brand Value

Proven C-suite executives in the adhesion market identified an opportunity – create a company that delivers high-performance adhesion technologies and specialty-engineered solutions to packaging distributors and OEMs nationwide. Achieve this by successfully bringing together proven tape technology companies Primetac, Concord, Cutting Edge, and SpecBond into one company. They called on Trefoil Group to bring it to life.

We began with market and competitive discovery which produced data-driven insights that grounded development of the company’s brand position, architecture and naming strategy. Key to this process was our ability to identify a go-to-market approach that produces distinct value for both distributors and OEMs. We achieved this through the creation of two divisions – Adherex Packaging and Adherex Specialty Materials. Logos, messaging and visual identity unified the brands while showcasing their unique value.

The brand was manifested via development of the Adherex Group website, which communicates the company’s wholistic value, while creating distinct pathways and understanding of offer for packaging distributors and OEMs. Our team supported internal and external launches through the creation of key communications tools including employee and customer presentations, talking points, direct-to-customer communications and plant signage. Press announcements and social media programs completed the launch process.

Trefoil Group’s work equips the Adherex sales teams with messaging and tools to drive organic growth and stimulate the market. It also provides a communications platform that streamlines integrations of future brand acquisitions.

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