Alinabal<br /> <em>activate your advantage</em>

Building a Single-Source Brand to Accelerate
Business and Acquisition Integration

A supplier to blue-chip OEMs for decades, Alinabal LLC turned to Trefoil Group to launch a precision manufacturing platform that would integrate its three existing businesses into one Alinabal brand. This strong foundation was critical for the integration of additional acquisitions and to drive cross-selling as a key component of the company’s growth strategy.

A discovery session with company leaders coupled with a comprehensive competitive analysis enabled the Trefoil Group team to pinpoint a value proposition that would solidify Alinabal’s advantages to customers. Single-source access to specialized metals expertise and experience, broader supply chains and expansive metal fabrication and manufacturing technologies opened the door to faster, smarter decision-making and the quicker, more cost-effective delivery of customized solutions.

The initial messaging platform and visual identity took shape in a new website which serves as a marketing hub for the company. Optimized for search and customer engagement, the site is integrated with a CRM and marketing automation platform that enables tracking of digital marketing across multiple channels. Data accumulation, aggregation and analysis empower the ability to continuously improve program performance.

Business identity materials, overview assets, presentations and trade show displays supported the successful launch of the new Alinabal to employees, customers and other key stakeholders.

Under the Activate Your Advantage brand, Alinabal is now positioned
for integrating acquisitions as part of a growing group of companies.

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