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Positioning a Manufacturer to Mean More

Project Description


Helping Leading Brands Lead

With a long history of proven success, global state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a relentless pursuit of innovation, Bemis Custom Plastics has earned a reputation as one of the plastics industry’s leading injection molders. But in an increasingly competitive marketplace, being a strong contract manufacturing partner isn’t enough. Armed with market research and analysis, critical customer and market influencer insights, this program uncovered Bemis’ unique ability to leverage its design, engineering, people and advanced manufacturing capabilities with a razor sharp focus on helping leading brands lead.

Highlighting the Bemis Advantage


Repositioning a traditional contract manufacturer is no simple task unless, of course, you bring together a world-class, well-respected brand and a marketing team with multi-channel competencies. This program began with a branding initiative and concluded by launching the brand with a robust new website that highlighted the Bemis Advantage. This was all captured in a brand-based corporate video showcasing its culture of innovation for viewing across online and face-to-face channels.

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