Building Brave
Making a Technology Essential

Project Description


In Community, We Thrive.

As an online community designed to support and advance women, Building Brave recognized that it must shift its model to drive membership at scale – an essential move to realizing its vision of connecting 10 million women globally. They engaged our team to evolve the brand through the development of a new position, messaging and design language – all brought to life through a dynamic new website.

We created a brand platform that positioned Building Brave as an effective tool for organizations to attract, retain and develop women at scale. By extending women’s access to trusted advice through a virtual community of professional and personal support, Building Brave is the new paradigm for how women share, guide and inspire each other’s growth. Equally important, it empowers organizations – from corporations, to universities, to non-profits and more – to create a virtual access point for all women throughout an organization, changing how women access, learn and support one another, no matter their location.

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