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Unwavering Commitment to Delivering Value to Customers

Led by seasoned investment bankers with over 20 years of experience closing hundreds of mid-market deals, Cleary Gull has established a solid reputation based on proven success, access to strategic and financial buyers, and uncompromising commitment and integrity. However, in order to convey the firm’s unique value to clients, prospects and recruits, the managing directors at Cleary Gull knew they needed to update the company’s messaging, beginning with their website. Working intimately with Trefoil Group to achieve a positioning statement that clearly articulated their differentiating value proposition, the theme and tone of the content was set. Emphasizing a team-centric approach, the brand story ultimately described a group of Midwestern bankers – led by senior bankers and supported by a team of vice presidents, associates and analysts – who take their work personally, relentlessly working to produce the best outcomes for their clients. Through newly developed content, design and photography, this messaging became the cornerstone of Cleary Gull’s new website.

  • Deliver new, vibrant, differentiating brand position

  • Develop updated web presence/content/imagery

  • Engage peers, prospects and recruits through messaging


As the centerpiece of the project, the new website established the visual identity and design language that would be used in all future collateral. Having conducted interviews with stakeholders, clients and other industry contacts, Trefoil Group developed a messaging platform that encompassed both internal aspirations and external perceptions. This ensured the Cleary Gull story would take shape in a way that captured the true essence of what makes Cleary Gull one of the industry’s leading investment banking firms. With a new, robust library of assets accumulated during a multi-day, on-site photo shoot, the brand’s visual identity further enhanced the firm’s story, providing a rich palette and personal touch that would resonate with viewers in a way stock photography could not. These photos were further leveraged across social media, ecommunications, print ads, and other corporate collateral.

Advertising: print ads targeted peers, recruits, buyers and sellers
Branding: new positioning, messaging and visual ID
Sales Support: corporate collateral for pitches and presentations
Web Design: new website, including new photography

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