Driving Sales Engagement

In a price-driven, commodity industry like cable, effective messaging and marketing strategies hold even greater importance to drive differentiation. Strategically, we recognized it was essential to create a new value proposition that evolved cable from a product to critical – critical to optimizing system connectivity and return on system investment. We developed a new brand platform, messaging and visual design that elevated value perceptions, leveraging it in a multichannel program that changed market conversations and effectively positioned sales to win across key industry sectors in the U.S., Canada and Latin American regions.

Serving as an extension of Genesis Marketing, we produce marketing initiatives that drive market understanding of Genesis’ value and establish messaging consistency across its global sales network. From monthly sales communications, to product videos leveraged on LinkedIn and YouTube, to training videos, thought leadership perspectives, an evolved social media engagement strategy, production of digital assets and more – we execute programs that advance understanding of product and drive categorical leadership in the low-voltage market. Created for a global sales team and multi-tier distribution network, our marketing strategies and programs enable a sophisticated network to more effectively sell Genesis while advancing market perceptions of brand and product value.

In 2019, Genesis exceeded double-digit target sales expectations, and remains one of our largest clients today.

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