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Demand Generation Takes Center Stage

As part of a Fortune 100 company, Honeywell Cable continually seeks innovative ways to stimulate organic growth and gain valuable buyer insights. To accomplish these objectives and generate interest with potential customers, Trefoil Group recommended a digital strategy that includes a demand generation program leveraging marketing automation tools. This multi-channel program includes database e-communications, PPC advertisements and organic website traffic. Personalized messaging addresses issues important to cable installers, while A/B testing is uncovering the most effective positioning across each audience segment. These efforts are designed to increase mind share and market share — as well as leads and sales — all while tracking results and optimizing ROI.

  • Communicate directly through databases using personalized messaging

  • Build brand awareness with new and existing target audiences

  • Drive new sources of revenue with multi-channel online lead generation

  • Deliver Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) for the sales team to contact


Moving from traditional to digital channels, campaign-specific landing pages give customers streamlined access to product information and educational materials. Now, not only does Honeywell Cable have more opportunities to reach customers, they are able to educate leads and incentivize them to purchase – all in one place.

Campaign-Specific Landing Pages: turning traffic into transactions
PPC Advertising: driving measurable engagement and product awareness
Email Campaigns: nurturing leads via multiple touch points
Marketing Collateral: developing tools to educate and drive soft conversions
Customer Surveys: gaining insights to guide ongoing strategies


Three-month results from a single campaign are demonstrating the effectiveness of digital channels in reaching target audiences:


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