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Multi-Channel Marketing

Project Description

Moving into Multi-Channel

Targeting a single, specific audience, financial services firm Kowal Investment Group had long relied on a traditional go-to market strategy: radio advertising. However, with so much focus on its weekly radio show and regular commercials, the team of retirement advisors eventually began looking to more efficiently and effectively connect with other target audiences. The firm had an existing website and social media pages, but recognized the need for a more integrated, holistic marketing program that would broaden its reach and drive more conversations across three unique audiences.

Trefoil Group developed a strategic marketing communications program that would allow the company to reach its business objectives by sharing its message across multiple marketing platforms – beyond radio. Focusing first on building a strong foundation that would establish the right messaging and proof points for the firm, the multi-channel program needed to accomplish the following business objectives:

  • Reach target audiences with the messages they care about most

  • Build brand awareness in new and existing geographies

  • Improve the contribution of its website to lead generation

  • Equip team members with tools that turn interest into relationships


The program focused on building the foundation for Kowal Investment Group through a multi-channel marketing approach. Moving beyond its traditional radio advertising structure, the integrated program focused on defining new messaging for the firm and applying these messages across expanded channels. Most importantly, the program focused on developing audience-specific tools and messaging that would allow the firm to share messages tailored to each of its three target audiences.

Website Updates: content & layout refresh
Audience Communications: audience-specific landing pages
Advertising: new radio placements, billboards, print ads, event sponsorships and Google Display Ad program
Content Marketing: content, social media, public relations and collateral


Within the first 60 days of launching the display advertising campaign, Kowal Investment Group saw the following results:


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