In an increasingly competitive market, Material Transfer & Storage (MTS), an industry leader in the design and manufacture of bulk bag filling, conditioning and discharging systems, turned to Trefoil Group to rebrand the more than 30-year-old company. The new Inspiring a Better Way brand launched through an integrated campaign that included a new website, sales assets, advertising, public relations, social media, and database communications.

Today, a multi-channel marketing program is driving revenue growth and brand value. A Marketing Automation Platform enables us to capture, aggregate and use data to inform our efforts by better understanding the messages and channels that are performing most effectively.

From email drip campaigns to engaging visual and video assets, to robust content marketing, our work is building awareness, while driving sales in targeted, industry-specific markets. Recent expansion into digital advertising is now reaching new audiences and generating more high-quality leads than ever before.

Since launching the digital advertising program, website traffic has increased 44%, email communications have a 91% delivery rate and a 16% open rate – indicators of a healthy, engaged database. And within the first four months of the campaign, website lead forms have captured 98 form fills.


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