Project Description


Limitless Solutions. Single Source.

Built by an entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acquisitions, MGS has become a highly innovative manufacturer, well respected for its excellence in toolmaking, molding and equipment. However, its true differentiation – the ability to integrate these competencies to accelerate customer success – was too often not understood or accessed. A strategic branding initiative that uncovered market insights, competitor behaviors and key differentiators repositioned the company around its most significant customer advantage: Limitless Solutions. Single Source. With the identification of the customer advantage, we were able to reinvigorate a brand message for a proven brand, establish a digital presence indicative of an industry leader and use photography and video to bring the message to life.

Sharing Our Expertise


Integrated into the brand launch, a new corporate video and website communicated MGS’ value in highly competitive markets while aligning employees across the company as “One MGS.” By ensuring the simplicity of its brand, MGS was able to lay the foundation for a multichannel marketing program.

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