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Project Description

Easing Everyday Living

Mr. Lid wanted to be taken seriously. As the only plastic container on the market with an attached lid, he had something important to say. This meant taking a deep dive into the essence of how this feature not only saves time otherwise spent looking for a lid, but rather frees up time to enjoy life’s little moments. Speaking to the busiest people on the planet, moms, the messaging needed to convey how Mr. Lid could make their lives easier, one stress-free moment at a time.  Furthermore, a sense of freshness and cleanliness was also a critical part of developing brand identity for a container primarily used for food storage. Transforming the brand, its website and packaging from its former “As Seen on TV” look and feel positioned Mr. Lid to capture market share in the crowded plastic food container consumer market.

  • Recreate brand and visual identity

  • Capture attention through vibrant photography

  • Build, design & optimize new ecommerce site


After conducting a thorough branding workshop that included multiple focus groups, the brand essence was established and the logo, tagline and style of Mr. Lid followed. With a new, clear positioning statement, targeted audience segmentation based on personas, and a new brand identity, it was time to redefine Mr. Lid’s online presence. With a shiny, newly responsive, ecommerce website, Mr. Lid became instantly ready to compete with other food storage containers, highlighting its differentiating value proposition – across a wide range of applications – as the only container with an attached lid.

Branding: positioning, messaging & visual identity
Branding: tabletop/lifestyle photography & packaging
Digital: development and design of new e-commerce Site


Comparing 90 days prior to launch with 90 days post launch, these are results regarding the website:


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