Animated Explainer Video

Project Description

Seeing Is Believing

How do you explain a topic like a machine learning platform that spits out algorithmic data to perform virtual catalog testing at a rate that’s exponentially faster and more accurate than traditional catalog testing? With an animated explainer video, that’s how. Knowing that the real selling points of this product are the results, or numbers, these data points became the focal point of our approach. Being able to clearly show how easy it is to achieve these significantly stronger results goes a long way toward capturing the audience’s attention and holding on to it for 2:00.

  • Strategically designed script to spotlight AI’s value proposition
  • Leveraged stock video, graphics and animation
  • Empowered Quad sales with an effective sales tool


The client needed a video that could effectively convey the advantages of its virtual catalog testing platform to audiences around the globe. Having already introduced the product to direct mail customers, this new explainer video would set the stage for the client’s entry into an emerging market. Displayed prominently on the client’s new website as the flagship program for its revolutionary new product offering, the video provides an effective way to communicate AI’s value in driving business efficiencies and increased revenue.



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