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Project Description

A Better Way to Learn

Trefoil Group developed an engaging educational video series to frame a significant evolution of the Quad legacy service offering. Through a series of short videos, the goal was to provide foundational education for employees regarding the recent shift in focus to digitally-integrated strategies. Modified “Ted Talk” style videos were designed with fast-paced visuals and quick and witty dialogue aimed at increasing overall message retention and knowledge gain. And it did, resulting in record-setting internal engagement within Quad.

  • Educate employees through engaging video series
  • Develop application of knowledge tests

  • Measure engagement based on views and test scores


This educational video series addressed a broad range of topics to drive knowledge-building and accelerate transition. Setting the stage with an overview video from the CEO, this 8-video series accomplished stakeholder buy-in across a global organization looking to shift its focus as a solutions provider. While internally-focused, these videos were used to help guide the messaging that external-facing sales associates needed to continue the conversation and help stimulate their market opportunities. Engagement Drivers, Key Takeaways and Application of Knowledge Tests all contributed to building awareness, know-how and success.

Video: series of internal videos for stakeholder buy-In
Sales Support: messaging for internal alignment and transition
Sales Support: engagement strategies, infographic



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