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A Sound Decision

Walker Forge is no ordinary manufacturing company. Just stand next to a 4000-ton forging press slamming down onto red-hot metal parts and you’ll know why. What they do here may not be pretty, but it’s pretty impressive. So, we needed to convey that, for Walker Forge, “performance is what counts – and our parts need to measure up in here, so they can measure up out there.” This meant not only showing these machines in action, but also letting viewers feel their raw power through intense audio.

  • Convey the power of metal forging

  • Showcase the client’s focus on quality

  • Develop a compelling story of differentiation


After the two-day, on-location shoot, we were able to produce a video that created awareness of the company’s wide range of value-added services and the impressive nature of its products. Clearly separating Walker Forge from the competition, the video’s target audience is mostly prospective OEMs, website visitors and trade show attendees. Still, we’ve also found employees viewing it with a great sense of pride. Combining hard-hitting visuals and audio, with a gruff voiceover (a la Sam Elliott), we successfully created a tone reflective of what makes Walker Forge a trusted, go-to provider in their industry, now and for years to come.



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