Project Description

Bringing the Brand to Life

Helping shape the oil and gas industry for more than 100 years, Waukesha Engine is more committed than ever to reengage with unattended markets following a series of ownership changes. A strategic branding initiative uncovered key market insights, including current perceptions, competitive threats and key differentiators. This enabled us to position Waukesha Engine to regain its market share. Campaign goals included rebuilding the Waukesha Engine name and reputation, while reigniting interest in North American markets, re-introducing Waukesha’s primary engine lines, highlighting key technology product and performance enhancements and nurturing a prospect pipeline to deliver qualified leads to the sales organization.


A powerful story highlights Waukesha’s rich history in the oil and gas industry, and showcases how its engines are Built to Work – tougher, longer and smarter. These attributes support an overall brand positioning, Our Legacy is Your Future, highlighting the company’s unwavering commitment to the industry.

The Marketo sales automation platform is used to drive market stimulation with dedicated landing pages, campaign-specific content and the ability to use data-driven insights to evolve the campaign for greater results.

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