Leveraging the Brand in the Marketplace

For 115 years, Waukesha Gas Engines has built a legacy focused on developing engines that shape its customers’ natural gas compression and power generation worlds for generations to come. With ever-changing marketplace perceptions around a cleaner energy infrastructure, Waukesha Gas Engines partnered with our team to not only produce, but evolve their brand position, value proposition and messaging platform. A multi-channel campaign launched the new brand across a broad range of communication platforms.

Through tradeshow graphics, brand building materials, videos and product specific digital campaigns, Trefoil Group reinvigorated this legacy brand. To further build awareness for its power generation capabilities in Flare Gas and Drill Rig power, a digital advertising campaign was designed and executed. Utilizing Marketo’s sales automation platform to drive market interest, we implemented dedicated landing pages, campaign-specific content and the ability to use data-driven insights to evolve the campaign for greater results.

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