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When you’re ready to tell your story, we make sure yours is a story worth listening to. By creating inbound marketing content that shares relevant and timely information that reinforces the value of your brand, products and services, we attract the attention of the audiences you want with the information they’re looking for.

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Content Creation & Distribution

In today’s fast-paced world, content isn’t just the king—it’s the whole castle. So give the people what they want—high-quality content in the right place at the right time! From blog posts and e-communications to thought leadership pieces and bylined articles, we give your brand the voice it needs to be heard in a crowded marketplace. Our in-house copywriters expertly tailor messages for diverse audience segments, positioning your company as an industry leader through a variety of channels including print, digital and social. At Trefoil Group, we help you determine the right voice and vehicle for your content and drive results efficiently and effectively.

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Effective email communications are essential to a wide range of marketing campaigns. Whether driving awareness, engagement or transactions, emails with concise, compelling, personalized content nurture prospects through the sales cycle and influence customers to transact. Using marketing automation, CRMs or campaign management tools, email marketing is a cost effective, reliable sales method that affords you the opportunity to stay in front of those audiences that matter most.

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Social Media

From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Instagram, we put the “social” in social media to help your brand shine from any angle. Developing both B2B and B2C social strategies, we build brand awareness, increase engagement with your target audience and generate conversions with a strong social media presence. Leveraging both organic and paid strategies, our team of experts publishes engaging, visually-appealing content that grabs—and holds—the attention of people who matter most to your business. We gather critical insights and analyze the data to optimize content timing, messaging, voice and visuals to ensure your brand is visible when, where and how it needs to be.

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