The New Face to Face is Online 2020-06-25T12:04:40-05:00

Optimize Your Online Communications

Moving quickly to help clients improve their effectiveness online, Trefoil Group has designed a program to maximize the impact and ROI of online meetings – from large corporate events to more intimate sales presentations.

Our holistic, strategic approach will move your digital delivery from mediocre to amazing, and from simply selling products and services, to building your brand reputation and opening new doors. First understanding your business goals and objectives, we will collaborate with you to create a program that leverages the right technology platforms, is engaging, creative and memorable, and answers the customers’ needs for content that moves them from interest to transaction.

Engage attendees immediately with a 30-second spot that sets expectations and builds enthusiasm for what you’re going to deliver.

Use short videos to quickly promote and build your brand reputation in a creative, memorable way.

View our 30 minute presentation on taking face-to-face online as we kicked off the Plastics News Ask An Expert Marketing Series.